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Anonymous asked:

Several years ago there was a pro wrestler named Vito. At one point his character's gimmick was to wear a dress as it "felt right". During matches he would lift his dress and put it over the head of the other character who would freak the hell out. Is this transvestite/homophobic?

On the list of Rainbow Unicorn’s Favorite Things, pro wrestling is somewhere between “not” and “on it,” but I did a bit of research just for you, dear reader.

It seems that Vito was not actually a crossdresser, but that his dress-wearing (and dress lifting) was part of a created character designed for a single purpose: publicity. Pro wrestlers are the shock jocks of the sporting world, doing anything to get more viewers, more interest, more buzz. Costumes, feuds, and folding chairs are all tools of the trade.

That being said, pretending to hit people over the head with chairs, while inane, does not exploit a vulnerable segment of the population. So Vito’s pretend crossdressing? Mad transphobic/homophobic. Other wrestler’s freak-outs at being exposed to the pretend crossdressing? Also mad transphobic/homophobic. Le sigh.

Sparkly hotpants,


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